As a busy Manager, putting time aside for a mid-year review, especially when they aren’t mandated, can feel like an unnecessary luxury - using up time and taking you away from getting other work done. But there are real benefits to having an informal mid-year discussion. Here are some reasons why we think mid-year performance reviews are in your company's best interest: 
1. It's a good opportunity to review an individual’s goals. Stating the obvious, but this helps you see whether they are on track, if they need any additional support, or if any goals need to be tweaked and changed. You might realise that a goal is unachievable or things have moved on, so change it at the mid-year discussion. 
2. Having regular meetings can strengthen the relationship of manager and employee and can improve employee engagement as a result. When a manager shows an interest in an employee and how they are doing, it will generally improve that person’s morale and make them feel more invested in the Company. 
3. It gives you the opportunity to signal early to an individual if there are issues with their performance. No-one likes a nasty surprise at their end of year performance review. Managers sometimes avoid giving difficult feedback during the year and instead, store it up and present it at an end of year review. Having a mid-year review gives you the opportunity to give that difficult feedback which you might have otherwise avoided if you weren’t going to meet. 
4. It provides the employee with the chance to act on any feedback in the second half of the year and improve their performance ahead of their annual review. Having the opportunity to give feedback more frequently is always beneficial. 
5. You can use it to motivate your high performers by having a development focus to the conversation, helping them to identify areas that will stretch and challenge them in the second half of the year. 
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