Hiring and retaining the best talent is key to the success of any business and right now it’s never been more important. Hiring high quality candidates increases productivity, reduces costs, and improves your business’ reputation. Retaining that talent ensures they become long-term benefits for your business. 
As as we emerge from the Covid pandemic and businesses start to rebuild, there are so many job opportunities available, it really is a candidate’s market out there. Potential candidates are looking for even more from their jobs and have the option to be choosy about the job they accept. With so many jobs out there, how can you make yourself stand out to potential candidates? There are lots of things you can do, but here are some of our quick top tips when thinking about attracting and retaining the best talent: 
1. Get your Employee Value Proposition right – it’s no longer just about the starting salary. Of course, salary in important, but potential candidates will be looking at everything you are offering in your benefits package, including those benefits which in the past might have been viewed as more peripheral, so make sure you’re including information about holiday entitlement, maternity and family friendly provisions, flexibility, company values and wellbeing. 
2. Work on your application process. Attracting top talent goes beyond the interview. Make sure your candidates have a good impression of your company from the start by ensuring your application process is simple and straightforward. Provide candidates with as much information as possible about the job role and expectations, and communicate clearly and offer feedback throughout. 
3. Be clear on your culture and values - what do you stand for as a business? What does it feel like to work for your business? Whether it’s sustainability, diversity, flexibility, work/life balance or something else… make that part of the package and sell it to possible candidates to really engage them. 
4. Know what you are looking for. It starts with knowing exactly what the job is, being clear on the job contents and the sort of person who will do the job well – their skills, experience and capabilities. Being vague will put people off applying and it’s likely to lead you to making a poor selection choice. 
5. Location flexibility is king right now. Does the person need to live close to the office? Challenge yourself on that. For the right candidate, would you accept a larger % of home working with very little time in the office? Could you make that practically work for the right person? Of course you have to balance it off with important face-to-face team interactions and team building, but for the perfect candidate, it might be worth making this concession. 
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